Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Progress on Guards

I finally sorted myself out and started painting up the guards I got. I have done the cloaks and skin and I am really pleased with the results. When you have a plan down you can whiz through figures really quickly with the shade,mid and highlight steps. I am waiting on the Pilum and transfers from Gripping Beast.

I went ahead and bought a Paintier 80. I have been on the fence about this for a while but as I am restricted space wise I thought I should go for it. I highly recommend it to every one. It has a swivel base thing not unlike a "lazy susan" and it fits every kind of paint imaginable. Suprisngly, it is very sturdy too nothing has dropped or fallen while in the paintier. The only bad side is that I don't have enough room for all my paints! I sort of solved this by stacked the Reaper triads behind each other so the highlight is the one I see directly. Its not ideal but it works!

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